I’m going to share something personal because these stories are worth sharing & I’m sure many can relate. My dad studied in Mexico City at Instituto Politécnico Nacional and graduated with an industrial chemical engineer degree. From the get-go he was a badass and was offered a job at a beer company right after uni. Let me now take it back a few years before my dad accomplished a dream. Back in the day in my dad’s Pueblo in Michoacán, they didn’t have a high school. So, my dad at only 15 yrs old left his town 2 hrs away & studied high school in Jiquilpan, Michoacán. Would only travel on the weekends, sometimes, if he had $, and his food sometimes consisted of a gansito and a coke. He would tell us he would take a bite in the morning with a sip of coke and so on for the whole day. When I was about 13, my dad took us to Jiquilpan so we could meet the place he would eat at when he had $. It wasn’t your typical mercado in Mexico where many of us eat, instead, it didn’t look clean and had many many flies to start with. He did high school there and after, while applying to El Poli, (it’s a hard school to get into) he failed his entree exam & had to retake it again (never give up). My dad always tells us stories when I was in uni to study study study, that he would study all night and get little sleep. He lived with my godparents and they have always said my dad was very studious, he was a hard worker when it came to reaching his dreams. He graduated & made my grandparents the proudest!! He was the oldest & the first one to set an example for his 6 brothers. (My grandma had 7 boys and no girl) Now I’m going to return to the part where my grandpa got papers for all of his family to come to the states. My dad would always say he was not going to come to the states because he had it made in Mexico after college. But he took a risk and didn’t have anything to lose so he came with my mom. I’m not going to bore you with in-between details so I’m going to get to the point. He right away attended College to study English & would work at night at Fresh Express until he met a man who took him to Taylor Farms company (I forgot his name). It’s been 22 years since my dad has been at Taylor Farms & he is an amazing hardworking man to follow. This is where my story follows, yesterday was TF 25th anniversary & this is what my dad sent us, he has been a big part of TF growth. Growing up my dad was always traveling half of the time for work and sometimes missed my soccer games etc, but I never ever resented him for being absent many times. I knew & was always clear in my head that he was working hard for us. I just want to let the whole world know that if you know my dad, you know the man he is & we’re all so lucky to receive his knowledge in talks, stories, advices. Wouldn’t be who I am today without my dad to guide me, and mom too! You see, my dad was the “you have wings to fly, go fly and when you make mistakes, get back up it’s not the end of the world it’s part of life and just live to the fullest. That’s why you’re working so hard for.” And my mom kept my feet on the ground “be careful, don’t fly too high, every mistake has a consequence, don’t drink, be humble, do good and you’ll receive many blessings” THANK YOU mom & dad! And boy did I fall many times, and got right back up with their help and light. And boy did I fail a class or 2 and instead I was able to try again while getting a whole talk by my dad lol to study more! My dad thinks that he wasn’t there but he was, more than he believes. By spirit, in person, by heart, by soul, by every way possible. So guys, many can relate because how many of our parents have worked so hard for many hours and sometimes only see them at night or only mornings? Let’s appreciate every single minute of their time for us, and say THANK YOU every single day.

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